Transportation Improvement Program
Federal Fiscal Years 2024–28








The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) maps out five years of funding for transportation projects in the Boston region. Each year, the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) decides how to spend approximately $130–160 million in federal funding (called Regional Target funding) to complement state and local transportation infrastructure investments in the Boston region.

Map of the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization


Funding Transportation Projects—TIP

The Boston Region MPO TIP includes:

The MPO decides which projects to fund using a variety of quantitative and qualitative criteria based on the MPO’s six goal areas. These criteria assess how projects support equity, improve air quality and the environment, increase safety for different modes, promote economic development, improve mobility, and preserve and modernize existing infrastructure. Scores based on those criteria are balanced with considerations related to the project’s investment program category, readiness for construction and cost, and the availability of funding. The MPO recently updated the criteria used to assess projects. To learn more about these changes, visit the TIP Criteria Development webpage.


What types of projects does the MPO fund?

The MPO prioritizes investments that focus on

These investments fund projects like Complete Streets construction, intersection improvements, shared-use path expansion, transit enhancements, and pedestrian infrastructure improvements that align with the MPO’s vision, goals, and objectives established in the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), Destination 2040.


What is an MPO?

MPOs, or metropolitan planning organizations, are federally required regional planning entities that engage government representatives, elected officials, transportation agencies, residents, and other stakeholders in a collaborative and transparent public process to


What types of projects and programs does the TIP fund?

The Boston Region MPO Investment Programs guide MPO decision making and help municipalities understand MPO priorities.








How does the MPO develop the TIP?

For a project to be eligible for inclusion in the TIP, it must be approved by the MassDOT Project Review Committee.

Information on this process is available on MassDOT's project initiation web page.

October and November


Municipalities submit project information for MPO project evaluations.

January and February



The MPO board votes to release the draft TIP for a 21-day public comment period.


June, July, August, and September

MPO staff gather feedback about the TIP process and projects to prepare for the next funding cycle.


How can I get involved?

Advocate for MPO projects in your community or across the region by:

Submit a Comment

Send a comment in the comment form on the MPO website.

Keep up-to-date

Subscribe to the MPO’s email list, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn at @BostonRegionMPO.

Chat with staff

MPO staff regularly attends outreach events. Check @BostonRegionMPO on Twitter and visit the MPO’s meeting calendar to find an event that is convenient for you.

Attend an MPO Meeting

Observe the MPO in action and express your views at the MPO board and committee meetings. Find meeting notices on the MPO’s meeting calendar.

Invite Us Over

Reach out to MPO Public Engagement staff, at or 857.702.3675, if you would like MPO staff to visit or attend your meeting to discuss transportation issues that are important to you.

Join our Advisory Council

The Regional Transportation Advisory Council, a voting member of the MPO, is an independent body that brings public viewpoints and advice on transportation policy and planning to the MPO. Contact Stella Jordan, Public Engagement staff, at or 857.702.3675, to learn more about becoming a member.


Ethan Lapointe
Transportation Improvement Program Manager

Logan Casey
Capital Programming Planner


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