DATE:   April 11, 2024

TO:       Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Association

FROM:  Tegin Teich, Executive Director

RE:        UPWP Recommended Budget Revisions


This memo contains Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) staff recommendations for modifications to the federal fiscal year (FFY) 2024 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) budget, forming Amendment Two to the FFY 2024 UPWP. Each year, staff perform a thorough assessment of the spending patterns in the first two quarters of the FFY to propose a slate of UPWP budget adjustments for the third and fourth quarters. The proposed budget adjustments, shown in Table 1, have a net zero impact on the UPWP budget.


The approved UPWP budget for FFY 2024, approved in July of 2023, represented MPO staff’s best understanding at the time of how 3C funds should be allocated to meet the needs of the region from October 2023 to September 2024. This adjustment allows MPO staff to recommend a transfer of funds between line items based on a determination of evolving needs. 


There are two primary reasons why budget adjustments are needed during the fiscal year. The first is due to staff attrition and the time it takes to recruit and train new staff. When staff resign from the MPO, there is a gap before a replacement is hired. While we use and reallocate staff capacity as fluidly as possible to meet project needs, staffing gaps can result in lower expenditures than expected on certain UPWP line items.


In addition, project or line-item needs may evolve after the UPWP is developed. Initial budget estimates for each project within the UPWP are developed in the spring, approximately six months before work commences. This allows the UPWP to be approved in the summer, in advance of the start of the FFY. Once work is in progress, however, needs or expectations may shift. This can affect how much staff time or effort is needed for one project or line item versus another.


Thank you for your time in reviewing these recommended adjustments. MPO staff would be happy to discuss and answer any questions from UPWP Committee and board members. After a discussion, we hope that you will agree with these recommended modifications. We request that you then vote to waive the 21-day public comment period and endorse Amendment Two to the FFY 2024 UPWP on April 18, 2024.


Table 1
Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2024 UPWP Proposed Budget Adjustments

Project Number


UPWP Programmed FFY 2024 Budget

Proposed Change

Proposed New Budget



Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)




Decreased due to staff vacancy


Regional Transit Service Planning Technical Support




Decreased due to lack of ongoing, scoped projects


Transit Working Group




Decreased based on staff capacity


Congestion Management Process (CMP)




Decreased due to staff departure


Professional Development




Decreased due to more staff time on projects and less on professional development


Support to the MPO and its Committees




Decreased due to staff vacancy


Data Program




Decreased due to staff departure


Transportation Equity Program





Decreased due to change in staff assignment


Multimodal Mobility Infrastructure Program




Decrease includes completion of 13807 and TIP Before and After Studies carry over study and Roadway Pricing from FFY 2023


MPO General Editorial




Increase due to later arrival of Vision Zero work scheduled


MPO General Graphics




Increase due to later arrival of Vision Zero work scheduled


Community Transportation Technical Assistance




Increase accounts for technical assistance projects that will expend full budget by end of the year


Computer Resource Management




Increase accounts for a Web Admin role for 3 months


Freight Planning Support




Increased due to completion of carried-over study (13808) from FFY 2023


Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)




Increased due to greater number of amendments and inclusion of more staff in UPWP development


Regional Model Enhancement




Increased to account for new positions and planned manager hire


Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)




Increased due to work on developing design pilot and the new TIP committee


Public Engagement Program




Increased due to the hiring of another public engagement staffer to support additional engagement for the LRTP and with transportation equity communities and organizations.


Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Program




Increased to account for finishing work on carry over FFY 2023 discrete study (Count Update 13803)


Performance-Based Planning and Programming




Increased due to change in staff assigned to the dashboard work


Climate Resilience Program




Increased to account for co-op July through December 2023


Air Quality Conformity Determinations and Support




Increased to account for expanding the Air Quality program beyond conformity










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