Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and the Boston MPO—A First Look

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Posted 1/18

This report examines the phenomenon of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV). In it, we review current developments in CAV technology and discuss the range of benefits and impacts that could result once it is in use. Chapter 4 surveys the experiences that other Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) have had with representing CAV technology in their planning products and tools—which includes incorporating the technology into long- and short-range planning, travel demand models, and scenario planning.

The report ends by recommending concrete actions that the Boston Region MPO can take in order to incorporate, and simultaneously understand, CAV technology. Some suggestions are along the lines of keeping current with new CAV trends locally and nationally, and developing our own strategic action plans. Other recommendations involve integrating CAV technology into specific MPO plans and programs. Table 5 contains a list of 20 such measures, grouped into the three major MPO product categories of data/planning tools, planning processes, and outreach.

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