New and Emerging Metrics for Roadway Usage

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December 2019

The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) conducts performance monitoring through the Long-Range Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program, and Congestion Management Process, among other activities. Traditionally, performance monitoring has focused on a singular mode of travel rather than multiple modes and on the movement of vehicles rather than individuals. With the availability of big datasets and other resources, performance monitoring can expand to include different travel modes and incorporate metrics that quantify congestion in innovative ways. This study identifies performance metrics and thresholds that focus on the movement of people who travel by bicycling, walking, riding public transit, and riding in private vehicles, and on the movement of freight merchandise and goods rather than metrics that exclusively concentrate on vehicular movement.

Twenty-four performance metrics are introduced in this study, and recommended thresholds and references for applying these metrics to transportation corridors are provided. The study also includes a literature review that summarizes best practices in regards to multimodal transportation performance monitoring.

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