Travel Demand Management (TDM) Follow-Up

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September 2022

This memorandum presents and summarizes the results of Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2022 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)-funded study 13311, Travel Demand Management (TDM) Follow-Up.  The purpose of this study was to gather information to follow up on the two successful forums on TDM hosted by MPO staff during FFY 2021, and to inform MPO discussions about whether the MPO should start to do work related to TDM. The objectives were

  1. research peer MPO TDM practice;
  2. continue regional stakeholder engagement and document need(s) relating to TDM in the Boston Region MPO area; and
  3. identify potential roles that the MPO and its staff could assume to improve TDM in the region.

The memorandum details how staff conducted research on both peer MPO practice and regional stakeholder needs through literature review, surveys, direct engagement, events, and interviews. It then lays out the feedback staff received, and concludes by identifying, based on that feedback, a variety of pathways to involvement in TDM and policy options that the MPO may choose to pursue.

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