Review of Critical Urban Freight Corridors: Crossing Mystic River

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October 2019

This study discusses the Critical Urban Freight Corridor (CUFC) segments between the Mystic River and Sullivan Square, the Charlestown Bridge, and the Gilmore Bridge, which connects with CUFC sections in Cambridge. Industrial activity has gradually declined in the study corridor; however, there are still important truck trip generators as described in the memorandum.

The importance of these CUFC segments is connectivity. Heavy vehicles serving extensive industrial areas north of the Mystic River need to reach Interstate 93 and other locations served by the CUFC system. Non-CUFC roadways might be used, but they often present drawbacks such as a residential character or constrained roadway geometry.

Traffic volumes, travel patterns, and vehicle types are discussed for key locations in the study corridor. Several heavy vehicle issues in the study corridor, notably the needs of large vehicles and the numbers of trucks with hazardous cargoes and hazardous cargo restrictions, are discussed with supporting volume data.

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