Safety and Operations Analyses at Selected Intersections – FFY 2018

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Posted 12/18

The Safety and Operations Analyses at Selected Intersections study provides municipalities in the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) with recommendations and conceptual designs for potential short-term, low-cost solutions or long-term, high-cost solutions for intersections that need safety improvements and congestion management.

The following intersections were selected for this study:

  • Hartford Avenue (Route 126) and Maple Street in Bellingham is severely undersized to service the industrial uses along Maple Street, which is its desired use.
  • Route 1A at Cherry Street, Monument Street, and Arbor Street in Wenham has a high crash rate, extensive congestion during peak periods, and a need to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles.

MPO staff analyzed these locations and developed recommendations to improve operations and safety for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, as well as service large trucks. Staff summarized results of the intersection studies in two memoranda, one for each municipality.

Download memoranda